The. Best. G.F. Oatmeal. Cookie. Ever!

Since I refer to this exact page at least once a month, and believe this to be the best gluten free blog on the web, I thought I might just let you in on a little secret: you can have your oatmeal cookie, and be gluten free too!!

To make the tasty treats that just came out of the oven at my sweet friend’s house where I’m squatting for 2 weeks, I made very few changes. My flour options here in Costa Rica are limited, so my typical mix is 50/50 brown rice flour (from the States) and local yuca (cassava, tapioca) flour. And I use the Zukra brand of brown-er sugar instead of both white and brown. Finally, I snap off dark chocolate pieces from some frozen chocolate bar in my freezer stash (makes them harder to overeat!) and/or walnuts when I have them. One last note: my cookies never spread much. Is that because they are so chock-full of goodies?


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